What is this Marula oil? Why is it too great? What makes it so amazing? What benefits does it have? Does it have any beneficial properties that it has?

What is Marula oil?

Marula oil came from south Africa and it has antioxidants. It is extracted from the nuts of the trees. It has so many wonderful benefits that you would not believe. It has great essential fatty acids that are very beneficial for the skin. It has so many great effects that you would not beileve. Using this marula oil has so many great benefits and is used for many many years for its amazing heeling properties. Marula oil is used in many skin care products. This has a good smell to it , it smells real good and fresh. This is a safe oil that can be used on a daily basis.

Great Moisturizer?

Is marula oil a good moisturizer. Yes this marula oil has fatty acids like omega 6 and 9, which is why is great for the skin. It is motherly made. It has anti aging properties that keep the skin young looking and beautful. I use this for my skin to keep it healthy looking and yourful. It gives my skin a nice glow and supple. This marula oil is very beneficial and wonderful. I love to use this daily 3 times a week to get the effects. First I put some on my hands then I rub it all over my face for a while.

This marula oil does so many wonder that it moisturizes the hair. It repairs split ends and dull hair. This gives it a wonderful glowing look. It makes your hair look healthier and well maintained. It is also great for dandruff , if you have dandruff it will remove those so I would rub onto the scalp 2 times a week to remove those.  It does so many wonders to your hair , if you have frizzy hair it repairs it. If you have brittle hair it gives it a luxurious look. I love to use this as a shampoo and conditioner for my hair.

I can also use this to cleanse my skin once a week with sea salt. Sea salt is one of the best salts for skin it repairs your skin and keeps it hydrated. I put some sea salt and marula oil together in bowl and I mixed together. Then I use a sponge and I rub it on my box to remove those toxins and dead skin cells to get that glowing look. I also use this to remove my makeup with because its gentle on skin and it removes easily off face. Just put some on a cotton and apply where the makeup is and remove. It works very good , its chemical free and is pure and organic. Using chemical based products can irritate the skin but when you use this is very good, safe and light. If you have brittle nails this can help strengthen and grow longer. You would have to use it 2 times a week to see the amount of difference. It will make your nails look shiny and beautiful.

Dry, cracked, broken skin

What I love about this amazing oil is that it helps repair your skin if it is dry or cracked. It penetrates deep into the skin and it moisturizes, it cleans and repairs it. I have rough dry skin and it helps remove it and is wonderful to use when I need to. Whenever I have cracked skin I love to use it to help heel and to look nourished. The skin feels better and is very soft like baby skin. It has anti bacterial properties where if you have open would it cleanses it and protects it from any bacteria or dirt going inside. A study determined that 70 percent of people that used this have had a increasing amount of improvement on there skin. This gives your skin feeling smooth, soft, and different , it can make you look so much younger in your 50s. Using this daily can make you look 20 or 30 years younger.

Pregnancy and stretch marks heeling

When using Marula oil this helps remove and prevent stretch marks from happening. People have been using this which pregnant and after because it is safe and easy to use. You have to use this Marula oil for a couple months to see some effect. I love to use this oil to help reduce the appearance of these marks. I also have scars on my ankles and I have to use this 2 twice a day to see the results and the result. After I used it it looks alot better and less noticeable. I see a lot of difference the scar is not there no more. This is because it does these wonders for your skin, it contains the most nutrients that is needs for your body. This is why I reccomend this marula oil because it does so many good for your skin and it makes it supple and nourishing. This oil works but you would have to use it every day and apply daily to see the results that you would want to see. You will notice a huge amount of difference after using it 4 months. You will be happy and amazed about how this marula oil can do so much for the skin. You will need to get the 100% pure cold pressed, and organic if you want healthier skin.

Where can you buy with amazing oil

You can buy this amazing oil online at amazon.com for different sizes that you would like to buy. They have so many different variety of these. I love to get the pure organic no chemicals added. I dont like the chemicals added because I have sensitive skin and chemicals are way to harsh for my skin and it would break out. So I prefer to go with the pure organic one .

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