What is this olive oil ? What are the benefits? Why do we need it ? What makes it so amazing and great? Does this wonderful Olive oil help treat and cure ? What can you use it for? Can you cook with it and still get the same benefits?

What is olive oil?

This olive oil came from the mediterranean basis originated from Greece. It was found a thousand years ago. Olive oil contains a lot of antioxidants. It has healthy monounsaturated fats. It is one of the best oils on the planet to use and is amazing to cook and use on skincare. This motherland oil is pure and organic and handmade cold pressed. It is high in Vitamin E and that is important to use on skin to get that nice glowing look. Olive oil is so great that it is used to mostly 80 percent of skin care today, its used in hair shampoo, conditioner, body washer , cleansers, and scrubs. This product has a nice rich look and it has a nice smell. You can buy this product online but it has to be 100 % pure, organic and cold pressed if you want to receive the most nutrients. It is unrefined and pure . If you get the refined one it does not have as much nutrients as the unrefined one. That is why I love to use these oils that are pure and unrefined organic because there are no chemicals and gives the most benefits to your skin that it needs.

This is also can be used to cook your foods in like tomato soups , pastas, spaghetti meatballs, or you can use it in salads. You can use it to cook beef or red meets to give it that nice rich flavor.

This motherland olive oil protects your blood cholesterol. It keeps it well maintained and balanced. I have stomach ulcers and the doctor has reccommended for me to use this because it kills bacteria and keeps your stomache clean.

What makes it so amazing?

This olive oil contains a good source of fat that is great to use on daily basis. This wonderful oil helps prevent strokes, helps reduce risk of heart disease if you have one. I love this olive oil because it contains omega 3 fatty acids. This is great if you have stress or anxiety because it helps keep it balanced. This is amazing because it helps heel wounds, cuts, scrapes, dry skin, anti aging, hydrates, and has so many benefits.

A study has determined that 1 million people did not have stroke or heart attack because of the great fatty acids it does have. Can you believe how wonderful and amazing it is , It is good for your health and it is also great from your skin. Thats why its been used for many years because of the benefits it has to offer. I have been using this for my skin for so many years. I use it to make my skin look more glowing and it eliminates any purities from the environment. If I have a cut I put some of it on because it has anti bacterial properties and helps heel fast and quick.

Amazing moisturizer and has anti aging properties

This amazing olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer. This olive oil hydrates your skin making it look youthful and healthier looking. It contains vitamin E the important nutrients it has. I would put some on your hands and rub it on your skin gently in circular motions and it conditions it nicely and firmly. The best part of this oil is that you can cleanse your skin with it when you take a shower or bath. The best I would do is take a half pound sea salt pour some in the bowl, then I would pour olive oil a cup full. After I get a cloth and scrub it all over my body to remove all the toxins and dead skin cells. This will make my skin look beautiful and give it a glowing look. This amazing Olive oil can make you look ageless. It can make you look younger 20 or 30 years younger in your 50s.

Great to repair hair damage

This great olive oil can repair your hair and make it healthier looking. If you have split ends it removes those and makes your hair amazing looking and better. I love to use this because I have dandruff and it removes it . I would pour some on my hand and rub it on my scalp into a circular motion to moisturize and have the wonderful effects that it has.

I would do this 3 times a week. One in the morning and one at night. I dont like to put too much but just enough so that it absorbs into my skin gently and smoothly.  This is safe enough to use on your babys scalp if has dandruff too , apply little bit and rub it on to get the effects it needs. Even if you have sensitive skin thats why it is used because its gentle enough so that you can use it if you have eczema , dry skin, acne problems, and wrinkles.

You can store this in your cabinets or you can store it in your fridge what you prefer. I love to keep it in my cabinets keeping it nice and cool.

Where can you get it

This amazing pure organic Olive Oil cold pressed can be bought on amazon.com , its easy to buy and quick to ship to you. You can buy variety of sizes what you are wanting to buy. You should buy the pure organic cold pressed unrefined.

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