Natural organic skin care and the amazing benefits it has for our skin

What is this Argan Oil?

This is natural and organic for the skin. Many people use this many years to treat dry and irritated skin. This specific oil came from the Morocco trees. Its used for good smell, skin care beneficial uses and fragrances. This Argan oil has so many benefits that the skin needs that what makes it so amazing. Its very easy to use and you can apply some on your body.

This oil was abstracted from the tree and this tree is called the Argan tree. It has so many properties which makes it so wonderful and great. Argan oil does so many wonders that a lot of hair products and skin products contain argan oil.

There are so many different variety of Argan but if you want the results and difference you have to go for the cold pressed , pure and organic. I buy the 100 percent pure with no preservatives added so that I get the benefits I need. The great part is that it is unrefined meaning all the nutrients are in the oil and is safe and pure so you can use it daily.

Keeps skin health and younger

Argan oil contains vitamin E and this vitamin is needed to keep our skin younger looking and all the dirt, and toxins from the skin. This makes wonders to our skin which keeps our skin moisturized and hydrated.

It boosts the skins collagen and production of nice smooth skin. The best part of this is that you can find it anywhere. The only thing is that it has to be pure and organic to receive any results.

I use argan oil at least 3 times a week on my skin, but first before I put it on I cleanse my skin with some sea salt when I’m taking a bath and then after I apply directly to my skin. I like to put a certain but you can put some more if you prefer but I love to put just enough all over.

Heels damaged skin, nails grow and hair repair

If you have a cracked or dry skin this Argan oil helps heel it where its not dry no more. It contains vitamin E where it has all the nutrients it needs to repair.

This amazing Argan oil helps nails grow faster and quicker, giving it a healthy glow.

You put some amount on your and then you rub it on your skin in a circular motion, any where you would prefer. Also if you have blisters it can speed up and recover, but you put some on continuously and then you will see it will work. This is also good if you have sensitive skin , I have sensitive skin and I can’t use essential oils that have fragrances and have chemicals but ones that don’t have I love to use.

It strengthens your hair and makes it look conditioned and beautiful. After you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner put some of the Argan oil on your hands and rub it through your hair and it will feel soft and silky, all day.

If you also have tangles in your hair it will untangle and be tangle free. If you have a problem with growing your hair, just put couple drops on your scalp and move to circular motion everyday and your hair will grow longer. You can use it anytime of the day whether morning or night and you are going to get the same results.

Prevents stretchmarks during and after pregnancy

A study has confirmed that if you use Argan during pregnancy almost every day it reduces the appearance and smooths it out, it also blends in with your skin. Wow I cant believe how great feels and how it makes your skin look afterwords.

You can also use it after pregnancy if you did not use it when pregnant you can still use it after it will still have some affects but needs to be used daily if you want to see any outcome. I have been pregnant and just a baby not to long ago and I put argan oil on my marks and I can’t see any marks, it feels so amazing, and does its wonders.

In addition if you have like any other marks or blemishes it works your way into your skin, it boosts up your skins natural collagen production and you look great after.

If you have a 4 oz 12 or 32 oz you can put it in your purse and use it when you go places, like restrooms or friends to use as a moisturizing agent.

Natural makeup remover

Argan oil is easy to use if you want to remove lipstick or any makeup your wearing. Its so soft that it doesn’t take long to wipe away the makeup. This is one of my favorite to use when I need to take off my cosmetics with.

First for most, you are going to need some cotton. Then you put some on there and wipe away any makeup around your eyes and face, all you need is a couple drops. Its gentle enough to use and organic, it wont leave any residue.

Then there you have it your face is clear from the makeup on face. You can use this daily and it is perfectly safe and harmful. You can take out out with you if you want to remove or if your a a friends house, its easily removed or anywhere you go.

Where you can buy

Argan oil has great benefits for your body , it removes all the terrible flaky skin and makes it look plumper and youthful looking.

I have chose this because it receives more benefits and is high in nutrition and is healthier.

The best part is that you can buy this amazing argan oil online for different variety of sizes that you want you can buy. But I would prefer the 4 FL OZ . You can find online on amazon.com because its quick and easy.

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