What is avocado oil? What are the amazing benefits? What does avocado oil do for your skin?  Where can you get it? What does it cure? Can you use it everyday?

What are the benefits?

Avocado oil came from central America. It is extracted from fruit pulp. It has many wonderful antioxidants. You would not believe all the wonders it can do for your skin.  Avocado oil contains fatty acids and is great moisturizer for skin.

This wonderful avocado oil has nutrients that has vitamin E. It penetrates into the skin and it repairs the damaged skin and helps maintain your natural skins moisture.

Anti aging skincare

This is so great that you can use it as a sun block. If you go out in sun without using sun block your skin will burn and your skin will age faster. That is why it is important to use Avocado oil because it protects your skin from sun damage. This amazing skincare smoothes out wrinkles and removes them. You would have to apply 2-3 times a week to receive the benefits. It gives your skin a glowing appearance and gives it a plumpier look that is vibrant.

This is also great to use if you have dark spots, it contains Vitamin E where it helps clear those dark spots and make it look better, and healthier looking. It makes those dark spots go away and give you that beautiful complextion you need. This great Avocado can make you look younger in your 50’s. It will make you look 20 and 30 years younger. This is why its so good because it can give you a youthful look, and it also has amazing benefits that are good for your health.

Clear scars

Avocado oil helps reduce the appearance of oil and new scars. If you have new scars you apply 3 times a week , do this 2 times a day in the morning, and also at night. If you have old scars then apply everyday to see the benefits. I have real bad scars on my arms and there very noticeable. I love to use this Avocado oil because the scar is minimized and less noticeable and looks a lot better than it did.

I have used Avocado oil during my pregnancy and after when I had my baby because of the stretch marks I had. This helped smooth it out and less noticeable and looked alot better. I rubbed it on everyday 2 twice a day for 9 months and continued using afterwards. This makes your skin look so much healthy and wonderful , it gives it a great amazing feeling that you would love to use everyday.

Great for hair and nails

This wonderful Avocado oil has so many great nutrition that it helps repair split ends. It moisturizes your scalp and hair. You need to apply on scalp and rub on in a circular motion so that it can get all the great nutrition it needs.  It removes all the dandruff that you might have and clears it giving it a amazing look.If you want to have longer and stronger hair you then you apply Avocado oil because this helps your hair grow longer and healthier. This mother nature oil conditions your scalp gently and is safe to use any time of day and can be used everyday when you need. It rejuvenates your hair and gives it a thicker and beautiful look. I love to use this because I have thin hair and it gives it a more volumized look. I only like to apply couple drops not too much but enough to have through out my whole hair.

If you have brittle and short nails , this amazing Avocado oil contains Vitamin E where it grows longer and healthy. Apply 2 times a day 4 times a week. Do this and you will see the difference it helps moisturize and help strengthen new long nails. It works many wonders when you use it on daily bases. I love to use the pure unrefined organic Avocado oil because I have sensitive skin and it has the most nutrients and benefits that it has and gives. The one that has chemicals is too harsh for my skin, but cold pressed that is 100% pure organic is natural and healthier and gives more benefits that it should give.

Heart Healthy

This amazing Avocado oil contains vitamin E and that is very healthy for your heart. Ninety percent of Americans use this oil for cooking and for skin benefits. They love to use this because it is safe and has so many wonderful benefits.

I love to use it in my salads to give it a tastes wonderful. This is proven to help keep your weight maintained and can help lose weight. It is loaded with healthy fats. Avocado oil is known to reduce the risk of heart attacks, and stroke. It also helps with those with Arthritis pain, when taken daily it reduces the pain. You can also use this for cooking, you can cook it at a high heat temperature because it is unrefined and perfectly fine to use. It contains polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat, which is one of the great oils to use. I love to use Avocado oil when cooking scrambled eggs. Its easy and quick to use. I love its wonderful taste and the great benefits it does offer for you. You can store this oil in a nice cool place in the house. I like to store the Avocado oil in my cabinets next to my fridge, so I can cook with it or use it for my skin care routine.

Where can you get it?

This great Avocado oil can be bought online at amazon.com , with different sizes. You can get 4 OZ, 8 OZ, 12 OZ, 32OZ or more if wanted to. Its easy to buy and can be shipped to you quick. I always like to buy on amazon.

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